The Election Infection

Here we go again! Everybody is getting a second chance to use all of their favorite buzz words/phrases because they think it makes them appear more cultured and intelligent. For example, “we’re all in this together”. Fuck you, no I’m not in this with everybody else! I’m just standing off to the side over here shaking my head because you’re clearly too fucking stupid to realize what’s going on, even though this is the second time around the block with this charade.

If this bogus shut-down bullshit didn’t have any effect the first time around, and you actually saw it have zero effect, why are you buying this line of bullshit again? Exactly how fucking short is your memory? It didn’t flatten any curve, all it did is flatten the economy. There is no pandemic, it’s merely a Dem-Panic, Scam-Demic, Plan-Demic, it’s a fucking hoax! Where did your enthusiasm go about this 94.5% effective vaccine (even though going without a vaccine still yields a 99.6% survival rate).

But, but, but, Larry…Haven’t you noticed the skyrocketing number of cases? Hmmm, hey, dumbass…Haven’t you noticed the skyrocketing number of tests being done with that PCR method that easily yields more than 80% false positives? If you go looking for something, you’re likely to find it, especially if you use search methods that satisfy you with fractionally plausible results. I could send you out in my back yard with a metal detector and you’re going to find metal. Nothing of value, but you’ll still find metal.

I don’t care if you’re a nurse, a doctor, or any other kind of health care professional, this is a distraction. Our government does this shit to us all the time, it’s not the first time that the phrase “false flag” has been used. This happens like clockwork and if you’re not realizing it, then you’re a special kind of fucking stupid with the attention span of a potted plant. These distractions pop up every time they want us to look away while some other seriously more underhanded shit is pulled on us and it works every time. Well, at least for most people who are too stupid to keep their eye on the ball.

And, if all of that is still going over your head…The word “quarantine” is reserved for people who are certified-sick, and there is no provision in the constitution that allows the federal or state governments to limit the mobility of anybody who is not guilty of a crime. If I want to have a keg party for 100 people on my property, I can do so legally without a permit to assemble and no law enforcement is welcome here without an invitation or warrant. Furthermore, a warrant can’t be issued without an absolute law (statute) stated, not just a random mandate pulled out of some idiot’s back pocket.