As If We Need Another Federal Holiday

When this Juneteenth bullshit became an official federal holiday in 2021, I told my employer at the time (Eric Miller of Mazaroth IT Solutions) that I thought it was the most retarded name for a holiday and don’t even know what this made up word is supposed to mean. In his classic social justice warrior fashion, he once again tried to make himself appear superior by saying that it had something to do with inequity against black people. Ummm, swing and a miss, AGAIN!

No, that’s not what it means. Plus, if he was serious about his virtue signaling, why has be never hired a black person? I meant, I know what June is, but what the hell is teenth supposed to mean? Don’t tell me that it means nineteenth because we already have a word for that. Is it really saving any time to leave the word nine out of it? Or, was the whole mission all about creating yet another nonsense Ebonics word that has no actual value in everyday proper English?

Even if this made up word really was about some fictional inequity against black people, why are so many people only concerned with equality of outcome rather than equality of qualifications? This is why society today has participation trophies, so there are no losers. Everybody’s a winner, no matter how little effort they put forth. This is the definition of equity, equality of outcome. Is that what today’s society thinks that all black people deserve? A participation trophy?

OK, so you got your federal holiday. You’ve also got California onboard with that reparations scam, even though there were never any slaves in California because it was under Mexican rule during slavery and they didn’t allow slaves. I’ve got a great idea, how about we also give you your own state too? Honestly, I nominate California since they’ve already bought into that bullshit reparations scam. Hell, let’s also make California its own sovereign nation while we’re at it!

Look, you were never a slave, I’ve never owned any slaves, I’m not paying you any money for damages that you never suffered. Only religious cults punish and kill people for the sins of their ancestors. While the first amendment grants you freedom of religion, it also grants me freedom from religion. You go enjoy your little cult elsewhere and don’t involve me with it. I’m not celebrating your retardedly named federal holiday and I’m not paying you any money. Get over it!

The novelty of all this anti-white’ism has completely worn off. Fact, when you look at things globally, white people are the minority. We’re outnumbered by 88%, don’t whine to me about how rough “minorities” have it in this country. If you don’t like it here and feel so oppressed here, feel free to go become a citizen of some other country where you better fit in. If I don’t feel comfortable in somebody else’s home, I don’t try to change their house rules, I just fucking leave!

Don’t tell me that I’m being the racist here, I’m the global minority and I don’t get my own federal holiday!