Fact Checking Mr. Short Bus Window Licker?

The rant entitled “Short Bus Window Licker Finally Lost It!” triggered quite the avalanche of inquiries via my various communications channels for more details. Some of them from actual clients of his that I used to assist, which I find completely hilarious because they certainly aren’t followers of mine. This tells me that they suddenly decided to run a Google search on him for some reason. Why would there be a sudden desire for his clients to fact check check him?

Let’s just say that I have never met a person so painfully full of shit before in the IT world. Eric Miller absolutely won’t admit that he doesn’t know something, and he will blatantly make up bullshit just so he can say anything else besides “I don’t know”. He does this expecting that nobody will fact check him, because he thinks that CISSP joke in his email signature proves that he knows what he’s talking about. I honestly believe he bought that from a dark web diploma mill.

Here’s one example. He uses Bitdefender antivirus for people on the low budget side of his management services. On a Mac, it creates a forced VPN connection through a local service called “bdldaemon”. One of his flunky techs named Matt asked what it does. Eric said that it “re-encrypts web traffic to a higher level of security”. Clearly, having no idea at all how HTTPS encryption works, how your web browser negotiates the encrypted session with the web server, or what the bit resolution of the web server’s SSL certificate actually controls. Seriously? How is this sick level of stupidity not painful?

Call me crazy, but I would think that a computer security related certification would have covered the most common security mechanism that a person uses every hour of the day. This would tell me that every web browser out there and every program that uses HTTPS says “Oh, Bitdefender is performing a man-in-the-middle attack, this is safe to ignore”. How did Eric convince himself that mess of bullshit sounded plausible, and exactly how gullible is Matt to have fallen for it? No way that CISSP certification isn’t a diploma mill purchase!

Ever since an IT person for Sympo pulled the wool over the company owner’s eyes and made Eric look like an utter tool back in September/2020, this routine of making up bullshit to disguise his ineptitude has been a regular thing. That was the sole reason for him obtaining the CISSP certification, so he could hopefully reply to another email from the owner of Sympo and they would see that new acronym in his email signature (Eric’s actual words on a full Mazaroth Teams call).

Hell, Eric went as far as trying to convince me Apple was going to “take away all scripting capabilities when Mac OS Catalina is released”. A gaslighting attempt to discourage me from doing things that he isn’t smart enough to figure out how to do himself. He honestly thought that scripts are a specific file type that the OS can turn off at will. That guy is a 100% completely inept fucking boob, and doesn’t realize that his certifications by no means made him any smarter.

What an absolute tool, vote blue – no matter who, Microsoft and Chat GPT are all you’ll ever need! LoLz!!!

Eric Miller also believes that the light from flashing LEDs on your network equipment can be captured by a video camera to eavesdrop on your network traffic. Never mind the fact that video is only good for 1 bit per frame (30 frames per second) and the switching time on an LED could only show 1 megabit per second at best. CISSP super genius!