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I don’t care what your attention whores are eating or drinking today!

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Facebook Alternative

Switch to MeWe! More like classic Facebook only without all of the Zuckface censorship, personal data leaks, and snowflakes.

Twitter Now Useful Again

Now that X (aka: Twitter) is no longer owned and controlled by left-tards and the FBI, it’s safe to use again and I’m back.

YouTube Alternatives

With all of the YouTube shadow banning and censorship, you only get to see what they think you should see. Switch to and now!

About Me

Don’t piss in my ear and tell me that it’s raining!

I’m not one of those people who simply drinks the Kool-Aid because somebody else tells me that it’s real tasty. Just because the media tells me something doesn’t make it true. Just because I see somebody share something on social media also doesn’t make it true. I don’t suffer from cognitive dissonance like most people do, because I require facts and proof in the first place before I believe anything.

I also can’t help but laugh at people who think that I’m just simply too dim to comprehend common sense and reality. Save the gaslighting routine for somebody with a double-digit IQ and start saying Trick or Treat before you speak to me. As long as I’m doing things that you still haven’t figured out how to do yet, taking me for an idiot only makes you look like an even bigger idiot.

It’s always amusing to me how people think it’s great that I don’t sugar-coat what I say until they get too comfortable around me and think they’d like to take me for a spin. Then, all of a sudden, I’m an asshole because their skin wasn’t as thick as they thought it was. I can get along with anybody, but the moment that you start taking me for an idiot and press your luck with my patience, you’ll quickly find out exactly how zero-bullshit I am.

It’s safe to say that I am as pleasant or unpleasant as you want me to be, it’s your choice. Choose wisely, returning the favor in kind is really no bother to me.

Still believing social media and the news?

Some things go without saying, but sometimes you just have to

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