Sorry, AI Can’t Even Un-Stupid An Idiot

Ever since the recent advent of the AI pissing contests, I’ve noticed that certified idiots in the computer world have gone all in on it and think this is the answer to all of their problems. They don’t seem to realize that they’re actually admitting that they really aren’t all that and a bag of cookies. I thought all of your certifications meant that you actually know what you’re doing? Why would you need AI to save your ass instead? Sorry, AI isn’t going to un-stupid an idiot, period.

I’m still watching a former employer who thinks he’s an Einstein and his Soy Team 6 tech staff trying to disable/bypass security measures that I implemented, all of which are documented. But, due to their seriously misplaced belief in their certifications, they think that reading anything that I documented is below them. I take it that AI also isn’t helping them because I still get a notification every time somebody fails the authentication process. Keep trying, I’ve got popcorn.

Remember the recent Google Gemini fiasco? It proved that AI is anything but artificial intelligence, it’s nothing but a chatbot front end to a search engine. The chatbot is just a program that parses questions and curates an answer. The developer of the chatbot decides what your answer is going to be based on the search engine results that they want it to favor. Just like I decided what page I wanted the above link to point to. It’s not intelligence, it’s all predetermined, somebody else has already decided what you will see.

Ever noticed how AI never seems to be able to provide you the absolute solution to a problem after your first question? You have to keep refining your question until you finally find the right words to get a useful answer. This proves that it’s a search engine rather than an actual intelligent creation. What happens when you aren’t capable of formulating the right question to get the answer you need? So much for AI actually making you any smarter, Einstein. AI can’t un-stupid an idiot!

This is why I laugh at people in the computer world who think that AI can solve their problems for them. Unless you can formulate your questions to obtain a useful solution, you’re just as screwed as you were before you asked. Ask anybody who has tried to get AI to write code for them. If you’re not a programmer, AI isn’t going to do the work for you and save you from learning how to be one. If there isn’t already a search engine result that solves your problem, you’re fucked.

If you’re a fervent believer in AI, I say that you’re just easily impressed and sadly dazzled by bullshit. Oh boy, AI can generate images of impossible things that make great memes and ads. Is that really what you call intelligence? Graphic artists have been doing the same thing forever. Computers and the internet have been making people lazy and tricking them into thinking they’re smarter than they actually are for years. It’s all a parlor trick, you aren’t getting any smarter.

AI is yet another rerun of the dot-com boom, it’ll fizzle out just like Google Plus and all of the “me-too” social media websites did. The writing is already on the wall, thanks Google!