The Election Infection 2.0

I thought for sure they were going to squeeze that Monkey Pox bullshit for the next Election Infection, but it turns out that the winner is the Bird Flu. I’m curious, though. What happened to all of the new Covid variants that were supposed to be 10 times as deadly? Did they get lost? Are employers going to start spewing that “we’re all in this together” verbal masturbation and scamming the government for PPP loans again? When do the stimulus checks start rolling in again?

I realize that some people live for this bullshit. Hell, that dolt Eric Miller that I used to work for, seemingly gets sexually aroused by a well-worded company announcement. I think he probably jizzed all over his house after his wife wrote up their “we’re all in this together” email that they sent out to everybody in 2020. Oh boy, you impressed yourselves and 3 employees. I replied to their email with this video from an MD and supposedly “offended” her. (Oh, boo-fucking-hoo)

Isn’t it interesting how this new contagion is only a problem in the USA? I find it so amusing how they’re instantly demonizing foods in another lame attempt to demoralize people. The same way they did with our freedoms when the WuFlu was being peddled. Unfortunately, the little boy already cried wolf one too many times during the WuFlu scamdemic. We already learned our lesson the first time around, don’t hold your breath waiting for people to fall for your bullshit again.

It’s clear that this is yet another scam to justify mail-in voting and scare people into getting more needles jammed in them. None of those Covid vaccinations work and the manufacturers even admit it. All I can see that they do is cause people to die from heart attacks, turbo cancers, and I’m convinced that’s what’s causing this unnatural explosion of transvestites. If all of this tranny bullshit was happening naturally, it wouldn’t have just exploded like this in the past 10 years.

Without fail, weak-minded fucks who are desperate to fit in with another class of people above them will play into these scams because they’re all about being a convincing poser. There’s no way that any sensible person could actually be gullible enough to believe that we’re all in this together. But, they believe it makes them look better to play along with the scamdemic, as they furiously masturbate to their lame company announcement email that a total of 5 people read.

I called bullshit on this dog & pony show last time, and it turned out that I was right on every issue that I pointed out. So for those who labeled me an asshole last time, put some new batteries in your label maker and be prepared to do it again. Contrary to when those snowflakes said to me, “you think you’re so smart”. No, I’m just nowhere near as stupid as you’re hoping that I am. That gaslighting doesn’t work with me because, unlike them, I’m not desperate to fit in.

People with daddy issues should fix their emotional problems before taking on the role of business owners…