My Final Facebook Day

Well, the final day is now upon me, at 11:59pm tonight both of my Facebook accounts go down the memory hole. I have friends and relatives that are so addicted to Facebook (incurably Zucked) and just puzzled all to fucking hell as to how in the world they and others are going to be able to stay in contact with me. Well, jesus-tap-dancing-christ, how the fuck did you do it before Facebook?

Are you really so addicted and brainwashed that you don’t remember that your phone could send text messages and make calls long before Messenger ever existed? Do you realize that as long as you stay addicted and brainwashed by Facebook, you have absolutely no right to complain about “Big Brother” keeping tabs on you? Big brother doesn’t go looking for you, he just banks on the fact that you’ll keep buying into the game and voluntarily handing over more information to him. AND IT’S WORKING!!!

I’ve been pointing this out for years and people blow me off because cognitive dissonance will not allow them to accept the facts and they will not admit that they are now addicted to Facebook and can’t function without it. Think about it, hockey puck…You survived for years, perfectly fine, before Facebook. But now, you absolutely cannot function without it in your life…Guess what that spells out…YOU’RE ADDICTED!

I voluntarily went cold-turkey off of Facebook for 30 days. In that time, I set up accounts on MeWe and joined meme groups because I’m more addicted to humor, and I set up a Gab account for the sake of censorship-free news from the journalists that I actively follow. You know what? After 30 days, I never missed Facebook. If my Facebook friends didn’t follow me elsewhere, it didn’t bother me. Their addiction to Facebook isn’t that consequential to me, I can still function in this world just fine without regard to somebody else’s addiction.

If I want to take advantage of classified ads in the Facebook Marketplace, that’s not too hard. You just create a Facebook account under a throw-away email address that has zero connection to you and you use something like the Tor Browser to access that account so there’s no way to precisely tie that account back to you. But the moment that you do anything on Facebook that ties back to identifying you personally – such as, adding friends to that account, then you have nobody to blame but yourself.

You want to take things further? Consider switching to a De-Googled Phone (no, there is absolutely no possible way to have an anonymous iPhone). If you are seriously concerned with protecting your privacy online and stopping big brother from keeping tabs on you, then you have to proactively do something about it. Bitching about it isn’t going to help you, nobody gives a fuck about your bitching. You either take the bull by the horns, or you take one of those bull’s horns up your ass. If you aren’t willing to first help yourself by standing up and putting your foot down, then you deserve to be big brother’s little bitch.

No matter how things are sliced, today is the last day that Facebook has any email address actually tied to me that they can use with their partners to correlate in order to target me across their ecosystems. If you, as a Facebook user, still have not grasped the entire gravity of what I’m saying here…Well, I’d like to say that I wish you the best of luck. But, that would be a guaranteed losing bet. If you just can’t break your addiction to Facebook, then I would suggest professional addiction treatment. I’m a technology geek, not a professional in the field of psychological disorders.