Fact Check On Register Three!

Fact check time…Two plus two equals four. There are only two genders, or there wouldn’t be a B in LGBTQ. A man wearing a dress and makeup isn’t a woman. There’s no difference between a programmer and somebody who does scripting. Certifications only prove that you passed a test. People who can’t answer test questions about claims of their skills in person or on the phone, but magically can the next day, are posers and phonies that likely rely on AI.

If there really are more than two genders, why are there only two choices when it comes to gender reassignment surgery? The same goes for clothing, why are there only men’s, women’s, boy’s, and girl’s fit? Seriously, if you want me to play along with your mental illness, you’re going to fail as long as facts and reality are proving you wrong at every turn. Just because you tell me that you’re something, doesn’t automatically make it true, let’s see those chromosomes!

I have a habit of randomly testing people with questions that they should know how to answer if they’re really capable of doing what they claim they can. With the advent of ChatGPT, this is even more necessary in both my regular job and my freelance work. These days, the number of wrong answers or non-answers appear to be far outnumbering the correct answers and it’s not at all hard to figure out why. Magically, after the phone call, they have the correct answer. LOL! Why the delayed response?

I used to work with this guy when I stepped away from computer work, the clown’s name was Matt Hedges. He had to have been the most compulsive liar I’ve ever met and was forever trying to convince everybody how smart he was with computers and electronics, and so was his MIA father. He must have had a 2.00 IQ (no, I don’t mean 200). This fucker was so fluent in lying that he could make up one huge on-going lie on the fly and barely even take time to breathe. It was actually quite the spectacle to behold.

One day, this wizard was telling a story about repairing a dead laptop and he fixed it by replacing the “variator” on the motherboard, and I completely busted out laughing. The next day I asked him to tell me what this component looks like and he described something that sounded like an inductor coil wrapped around a donut core. I pulled out a page that I printed off showing him that a variator is part of a Fiat racing transmission, not an electronic component.

Fact check on register three! What’s the deal with these people? Not enough attention as a kid? No friends cause you to spend too many days sitting home alone watching Doogie Howser M,D. reruns? Remember what Abe Lincoln said about fooling some of the people some of the time? This is what happens when a person spends too much time surrounding themselves with idiots. They have too much luck bullshitting people and it creates a lifelong problem.

Sorry, Doogie Howser was just a character, not a real kid doctor. You were also not a legendary kid or you would be famous. It’s not hard to tell when a person is exaggerating their capabilities and skills, because they’re the only one telling their story. You may be able to fool countless people on Facebook, but you need to keep in mind that Facebook is for little attention starved losers who always have to put on a show, you’re only impressing your own kind there.

Sorry, junior…I’m gonna need to see proof of purchase.