Confirmation Bias Wizards and Google

As if those cell phowned (self-owned) clowns aren’t bad enough, people who see themselves as being oh-so-much smarter than everybody else and their addiction to Google search results for reinforcing their looney beliefs just might be worse. If you think that there are aliens that always hide on the dark side of the moon, I’m willing to bet that you could find at least one Google search result to support your belief. Doesn’t make it true, but that doesn’t matter when confirmation bias is the only reason why you performed the search.

This seems to be most common with people who are trying to get somebody else to fix or build something for them. They can’t do it themselves, but they sure seem to be able to find some Google search result to tell you how easy it is. For example, I recently had a friend that walked into some ransomware and got all of his stuff encrypted. I know that it would take years to figure out the decryption key to undo it, but he seems to have no problem coming up with one bogus link after another saying how simple it is to undo. Well, jump on your suggestion and prove me wrong, I’ll wait.

It’s always a piece of cake and a walk in the park when somebody else is expected to do something for you. Right? If you can’t do it or simply don’t want to do it, then you’re going to pay the price and nothing you come up with in a Google search is going to knock the price down. If you’re convinced that your little search result is correct, just prove it and show me how easy it is. If I see you do it a better way that’s easier, I’ll happily change my methods and start doing things your way.

Two words are all I need to debunk that bullshit, PROVE IT! Stupid Google search results actually don’t mean shit to me. I can just as easily create a blog post on this website that says anything I want it to say also. If you don’t actually know how something works, it’s not hard at all to find numerous web pages on the topic. But, did you honestly search for terms that actually explains it, or did you actually just search for something to satisfy an opinion that you’re trying to advance?

But, but, but…I got this from an authoritative source! Ummm, you got information from an authoritative source for a different problem and convinced yourself that it applies to your actual problem. I wish I could say how many times I get remedies like this in a week. I point out an obstacle and then I get “a solution” for something else, but parts of it sound like it’s related in a round-about way. I don’t understand why people offer suggestions that they don’t even understand. Do they do this just because a few words rhyme with their problem?

You can’t fix stupid. You can beat on it with a hammer all day, but you can’t fix it. Microsoft sure isn’t making matters any better either. Now you have people thinking they can just ask ChatGPT a question and magically get a solution, thus replacing the need to even think for themselves anymore. It’s almost as if they’ve had the top of their head sawed off, what little was in there had been scooped out, then it was filled back up full of nothing but Google and Microsoft before stapling their skull top back on. My only question is, how do you Ctrl-Alt-Del these fuckers to reset them?