Short Bus Window Licker Finally Lost It!

The laughable IT company owner from this post finally lost his shit after getting clowned again and realizing that he’s really not all that and a bag of cookies. Nothing pleases me more than watching a certified idiot’s head implode when they have a pipe dream of something they so desperately wish they could do, and they see somebody else do it with ease. Keep in mind, the person who did it is self-taught and the certified idiot has been fucking with them for over 3 years. Repeatedly trying to blame that person for their own incompetence, all completely over jealousy of their skills.

That short bus window licker is named Eric Miller of Mazaroth IT Solutions who thinks that 9 random cryptic upper case letters in his email signature makes him an absolute force to be reckoned with. Yeah, a real wizard there. Retarded fuck couldn’t read or write a Bash or Powershell script to save his ass, but he certainly won’t hesitate to tell you that he took 2 years of Java programming in college. He can’t even hire employees who know how, either. All he can afford to hire are washed out English teachers and public school IT staff flunkies that are full of made-up skill claims,”Soy Team 6“.

In grand style, Eric’s final mental meltdown was over not knowing the difference between client data and anonymous device performance stats. All because he wishes that he knew how to work with APIs and JSON data, and the employee that he constantly took for an idiot knows how to pull that information from the NinjaOne RMM service with a mere bash script. So, let’s see, the employee was allowed API access through his Ninja user account, but because he used it to create reports on his company computer, that was a violation of the company’s policy on client data storage? Performance statistics? Is Eric fucking retarded? An employer that’s actually too stupid for freakin the job, that’s new one on me.

I hate to point out the obvious, but this short bus window licker needs to put his helmet back on and go sit down in a corner with a clue. You know what else employees save to their company issued computers? Screenshots, email file attachments, Office documents that they create, CSV files that they download from any website that offers an “Export” option. This clown has got to be the most laughable example of a jealous certified idiot that I’ve ever heard of. What’s stopping him from learning how to do this shit as well if he has so much spare time to put into pointless certifications? The fact that he’d actually be expected to remember how to do that shit after the test is the reason why.

So, the only employee who actually knew how to create his own custom tools to streamline his job, gets terminated. The other employees will fight a simplistic problem for a week, and get nowhere. The one guy who actually knows what he’s doing, walks into that problem on his last day of the week and has it fixed in minutes. But he gets the axe because the company owner is painfully jealous of him. I will say this, if you ever see a job listing from Mazaroth IT Solutions, I would turn around and look for a job elsewhere. Eric Miller needs a backbone, and probably his binky too.

Well, best of luck to that certified circus clown and his “expert staff” that can’t do anything but point and click around with their mouse in websites and congest conversations with the latest buzzwords. Eric seriously should adopt a new company slogan, “if you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit”. The way he and his wizards copy & paste scripts that they don’t even know how to read, it won’t be long before they blow up so many client computers that they don’t have any clients left. Maybe he should start paying more to hire people who can actually PROVE their skills.

Oh, wait, that would just catapult him back into the same old boatload of jealousy again. LoLz – inept clown!!!

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