That’s A Hilarious Way To Admit Defeat!

I have to admit, shooting yourself in the foot while shouting “I win” has got to be the most hilarious way to admit defeat that I’ve ever seen! Just when I thought that I’ve seen it all in the Clown World Theater, somebody steps up and says “hold mah beer and watch dis shit”. Oh yes, you really showed everybody this time! What do you do for an encore? Start chopping off fingers until you can’t hold the knife anymore? Your own enema with Diet Coke and Mentos? LoLz!!!

Let’s say that you hired a contractor to build you a new building for your business and he tried to keep you abreast of all developments and features along the way, but you just couldn’t bring yourself to pay attention and listen to anything that you were told. You moved into the building and demanded that new features to be added, but you never use them. Yet, you insisted that these features were critical to your business, but your employees didn’t even know they existed.

Two years after you moved in, you finally decide to play hot-shot for a customer and unleash one of those features on their business, and created a gigantic mess for them. But, due to your refusal to listen to your contractor, you make a feeble attempt to blame them for your mess. When they didn’t do anything more than build that feature and turn on its power at your directive. Why would you demand that your business have a feature that you don’t even know how to use correctly?

For the next three years, you continue to have that contractor add new features to your building, all the while trying and failing to discredit their work and qualifications, and blame them for your own incompetence. Meanwhile, you continue refusing to listen to the contractor and manage to convince your employees to not listen to their instructions as well. You decide to take a course in order to restore your credibility in your line of business, but it clearly only amounted to be a mere fashion statement.

By this time, your contractor has officially decided that they will no longer be performing anymore new construction on your building and will only perform repairs if something breaks. Four months after that, you think that you’re going to surprise the contractor and say that you’re moving, expecting a response from the contractor telling you “please, don’t do that”, but they just say “OK”. They know the new building that you’re moving to and laugh at how much will be lost.

Two days later, you realize that you shot yourself in the foot and try talking the contractor into rebuilding your lost features into the new building. On top of that, you try to tell the contractor that they’re only allowed to use hammers, because that’s the only tool that you can half way learn to use. When they tell you that it’s not possible, you accuse them of simply being unwilling to help. Never mind all the times that you consciously chose not to listen in the past.

When even the owner of your new building says that your expectations are unrealistic, it’s time to admit defeat or use your “expertise” from that course to prove everybody wrong and build things yourself! We’re all patiently waiting! We hope you eventually learn how to use more than a hammer, after you finally learn how to use a hammer. LoLz!!!