The Election Infection Comeback!

To all of the gullible and retarded sheep who told me “enjoy that ventilator“, I say “enjoy that 6th jab while you lay in bed with the WuFlu again anyway“! And, just to get a jump start on things, fuck you any anybody who looks like you, we are not all in this together! No more favors from me, I’m not helping anybody this time. You figure out how to get that PPP loan and how to cover your bills on your own. Sorry, no fucks to be given, not my circus – not my monkeys!

“Oh, come on, Larry…You need to forgive and forget, mistakes were made.” No, fuck you, I’m not Jesus – nor do I have Alzheimer’s. It wasn’t just the government who took advantage of people, employers were no less guilty. Playing on their employee’s emotions to make them feel sorry for their employer and their new business struggles. All the while, their employer scammed a PPP loan and suddenly every part of their cushy lifestyle is now a “business expense“.

I got so much shit from people for not blindly buying into this scam. Seriously, everybody from an employer to friends, family, dipshit YouTube subscribers, you name it. I “offended” them because I made jokes about this while they were wrapping themselves up in the propaganda either because they enjoy living in fear, or because they were putting on a show for others. Look at how many of my jokes about it actually turned out to be true. Please tell me again, exactly how wrong was I? And, exactly who cares if you were offended? Do you have some kind of special permission to never be offended in life?

This would-be fast moving super serious “infection” took 2 years to finally catch me and I didn’t even know that I had it until a week later when I realized that I couldn’t smell anything. I’m also in that would-be “high risk” category because of diabetes and high blood pressure, but it took 2 years of me not wearing a mask or being vaccinated for it to catch up with me. Well, look at that, my jokes were actually right again. Sorry, I’m still less than impressed by this “pandemic“, this was nowhere near the show that I was promised.

Well, let me tell you, this bullshit political parlor trick isn’t going to work a second time. Remember that story about The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf? Sure, the virus was real, but the severity of it was over-blown and it was used as an election interference distraction. It was also used to find out who is gullible and obedient, and who is not. It was even a great tool for fine tuning facial recognition systems so that they can now identify you by only seeing your eyes.

If you’re stupid enough to fall for this dog & pony show twice, don’t even think about asking me for help, because you are part of the problem! You should have learned how to prepare for this kind of bullshit after the last time. You’re not a dependent on my income tax return, the most that you’re going to get from me this time is “good luck“. I’d say that it’s your turn to help me, but just like last time, I’m prepared this time as well, I don’t need anybody’s help.

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