AI Is No Remedy For Natural Stupidity!

In keeping with the same computer idiot inspiration that fueled last two rants, the world’s would-be computer experts strike again! What the fuck is it with these people convincing themselves that AI can now replace the need for them to know how to do anything complicated? Not only that, they’re now even going so far as to refuse to let anybody do any complicated shit that they don’t understand and insisting that their subject/worker use AI to do it instead.

I realize that there are a lot of computer techs that are absolutely paralyzed with fear of the command line and can’t function without a mouse in their hand. I feel sorry for these wizards when anything happens that can’t be fixed by clicking around in a web browser window. What happens when you do have to use the command line? Well, of course, you go ask ChatGPT what to type or paste into the command line…Not having the slightest idea what your doing.

Here’s the biggest problem with that. These techs who don’t know what they’re doing at the command line, don’t even know how to properly word a question to get the correct answer. Artificial intelligence is not a remedy for natural stupidity, even the fastest race car in the world won’t win any races with a retard behind the wheel! If you think those people on the other end of those technical support phone numbers sound like clueless idiots now, put on your seatbelt, buttercup! It’s about to get a whole lot worse!

Isn’t that just fucking grand? Tech support companies and managed service providers are soon going to be faced with the sole challenge of teaching new employees to stop asking “Would you like fries with that” and just do what ChatGPT tells you to do. No more need to put together a fancy resumΓ©, no more need to emphasize your experience because it doesn’t mean shit, it’s not even allowed to be used on the job, and it won’t influence your pay grade anyway. No critical thinking allowed, you just do as you’re told, burger jockey!

Don’t believe it? We’re honestly not far from that right now. I used to work at a computer repair shop in Scottsbluff, NE where they hired some boob former Walmart stock boy that had provably zero practical experience to be a repair tech because “they could teach him”. It wasn’t the first nor last time I’ve seen that happen in that field of work. You can teach these amateurs to do some things, but nothing too critical/complicated, especially networking and command line stuff.

Employers in the tech support and managed services world have to be jumping for joy over this pipe dream because it significantly reduces their payroll costs. No more need to seek out candidates with experience, just a pulse and an IQ slightly higher than room temperature. Or, at least that’s what they’re believing right now. It amuses the hell out of me how easily romanced these people are by AI. Finally, all of the shit they never could figure out, they no longer have to!

I’m stocking up on popcorn right now because this shit show is going to be more entertaining than binge watching all six seasons of The Sopranos. How much will it cost you to fix all of the shit broken by the correct answers to all of the wrong fucking questions?