My WuFlu Experience? Not Impressed…

As I continuously suggested ever since all of this Covid bullshit began in 2020, we’re being played and the seasonal flu is still going to be a far worse illness. Took me more than 2 years to finally catch it and I was less than impressed. I slept it off in a couple days, I only took TheraFlu for it, and the worst lingering effects were the loss of my sense of smell and some brain fog for 2 weeks. This is what all the hype was about? I’ve picked up far worse bugs working in a damn Walmart Vision Center for almost 6 years.

Obviously, this illness is more of a neurological problem than a respiratory problem. On the bright side, it dulled my nerves so well that a few nagging pain issues were relieved for a couple weeks. I’m a diabetic with high blood pressure, which puts me in that “high risk” group, but it was still pretty much a nothing burger to me. Seriously, this is really what all the hype was about? Sorry to ruin all of the fear mongering idiots’ fun, but I wasn’t “coughing up blood” and didn’t even slightly need a ventilator.

I posted a few videos on my personal YouTube channel poking fun at this obvious election infection scare tactic, and the over reactions from the libtard sheeple just had me rolling on the floor laughing. Some of them even went as far as reporting my jokes as “medical misinformation”. It didn’t work, the videos never got taken down permanently. But the meltdown in the comment section was some of the best entertainment I ever had since the whole scam started.

Strange that it took me over 2 years to catch this “serious illness”. I went to the local Dollar General on October 20 and the cashier was obviously way too sick to be working. The next day, I’m cussing because that twit gave me the first cold that I’ve had since 2015. Boy, am I glad that they took the time to put up that plexiglass, I can just imagine how much worse this cold would be without it. I pretty much stayed in bed the next two days other than getting up to feed my dogs. That’s it, no hospital visit, all of it was rather uneventful.

It wasn’t until the following Wednesday that I realized that it was the WuFlu because I no longer had any sense of smell and barely any sense of taste. The email that I mentioned in last month’s post made me decide that I needed a drink. I cracked open one of my bottles of home made bourbon and guess what, it had absolutely no smell at all and it’s not like my nose was plugged up. I take a shot, no taste, only the burn from the alcohol hitting my throat. Hey, you know what? That wasn’t just a cold that I caught, what a freakin surprise.

So, this illness is so serious that I didn’t even know that I “suffered” from it until 7 days after I caught it. You gotta be shittin me, the worst part of it was losing my sense of smell and taste, and some brain fog for a couple weeks? I am once again calling complete bullshit on all of this election infection crap, the fear factor and scare tactics were the worst part of it. Personal experience is far more convincing than any “science” being pushed by the government or media.

I am still convinced that people only died with this, rather than dying from it. They all obviously had some other condition that did them in. Covid was simply compounded on top of it along with a bunch of fear mongering and scare tactics that stressed them out, which killed them just that much faster.