How Dare I Not Follow Your News?

Wrap your head around this…Due to the fact that I don’t use Facebook, friends and relatives of mine knew that my mom died 5 days before I did. Eventually, somebody came to this website to send me a message to ask me what (if any) funeral plans there were. The obituary wasn’t published anywhere in my local news, only in the local Alliance, NE news. But, I’m pretty sure that they already knew the answer to their question and this was just their lame ass way of letting me in on the news. I call my “family” The Anti-Waltons because of shit like this.

I haven’t lived in Alliance for 24 years, why would I follow the local news there after all this time? Everything about that place is pretty much a bad memory to me, it’s dying a slow painful death, there are no major retailers there anymore, and they just continue to tear down and destroy everything of any historical value. It’s just a growing collection of empty lots where memories used to stand, there’s just simply nothing there of any historical value anymore. That’s why I don’t follow any news there, there’s nothing left of any interest to me.

Facebook has followed the same path in my opinion and I have no reason to follow the happenings there now either. It’s nothing like it was when I signed up there in 2008, anything that was good about it is now a long lost memory. Unlike most everybody else that I know, I don’t need to be part of that clusterfuck in order to communicate with people. I remember that my phone still works for phone calls and text messages without the need for Facebook’s apps. I am certainly not the only person in this world who doesn’t use Facebook.

Again, I don’t think that message sent to me here was a genuine inquiry, they obviously already knew the answer to their question. It was just an attempt at trying to cover up the fact that they finally realized that I’d never see anything on Facebook or in the local Alliance, NE news. It’s easier for them to attempt to play off this kind of charade than admit that they fucked up. I replied to that message to let them know that they obviously knew about this before I did, but they never replied back. Surprised?

You’d think that people would accept the fact that not everything in this world absolutely has to be convenient for them and not require them to put forth any effort, especially when it comes to something working the way they want it to. Do you plan your own vacations, or do you expect to be able to just hop in your car and start driving? Suddenly, there’s Disneyland and a hotel room just waiting for you to step into, it’s fucking magic! Sounds like an exaggeration, but people really have gotten that lazy today. Facebook and your smartphone should do all of your thinking for you now!

Unfortunately, I’m not part of that group and I’m never going to join it. I’ve spent most of my life dealing with people who think I’m their bitch or subordinate and having to settle for the second-rate option ever since I was a kid, but I don’t play that shit anymore. If you think there’s something that I need to be part of or aware of, then you need to do things the old fashioned way and loop me in like you would have done back in the 1990’s before Facebook and the internet. Otherwise, don’t expect me to know shit and don’t get mad at me for not knowing.

This is one of the main reasons that I have a problem with anybody getting too close to me, because they start getting too comfortable and complacent. They stop putting any effort into doing their own part and start expecting me to cater to their laziness. Sorry, these days I am officially handicapped and taking care of my own issues is already more than enough on my own plate. I’ve already put enough of my own effort into trying to help others and got nothing in return, other than them expecting me to do more. Sorry, I’ve done my part, now it’s your turn to do your part.