You Think You’re So Much Smarter!

Well, if I know how to do something that you don’t, and you’re now trying to get me to teach you after you decided not to pay attention, then it’s painfully obvious that I am smarter. Honestly, do people go beg an idiot to teach them how to do something? I seem to be a magnet for people who are all too happy to have me figuring out shit for them at the start, then they dig up this juvenile bullshit insult after they fall too far behind to catch up with me. What the hell am I thinking? Of course, that makes perfect sense, you absolutely should get mad at me for your own incompetence! <Facepalm>

I remember when I was 18 and applied for a job at this rubber hose factory in Alliance, NE. They wouldn’t hire me because (believe it, or not) I was “over qualified”. Yes, at the age of 18 I was over qualified because I had an electronics hobby. Good thing I didn’t mention that I also got a computer 4 years before that or they might have notified the CIA. Apparently, they only hire people with an IQ high enough to do the job and fill out the paperwork, but not high enough to know how badly they’re being fucked right up the poop chute. I know one moron who’s been there since he was 18.

From that point forward, I’ve always managed to land jobs where they appreciated my skills at the beginning, but then eventually their jealousy kicks in because they hired a guy who is doing shit that they could never do. They realize that they’re really not all that smart in their line of business after all. Next thing you know, they’re trying to dummy down their operations so the business can still function if I decide that I’m going to move on. What’s wrong? Can’t hire anybody else that can do my work for the same paycheck?

I think every business owner should know how to do every job within their business, but that rarely happens. I don’t mean that the president of a hospital should know how to do a kidney transplant. But I think if you own a guitar repair shop, you damn well better know how to fix guitars yourself and not have to rely solely on employees that know how. Don’t get mad jealous because an employee knows how to do things that you couldn’t figure out on your best day. Do you also get mad jealous of the mechanic who knows how to fix your car that you can’t fix yourself? You can’t exactly ridicule somebody else’s work if you can’t even do it yourself.

The thing that I believe causes this to happen is the fact that I’m self taught. They always have other employees with a bunch of certifications that never equate to actual skills, and I can always tell who exaggerated their capabilities before they were hired. I encountered one who I was told had scripting and software development experience, but he couldn’t even copy and paste a script from a guide that I created. He had to watch me copy and paste from it for him. Yeah, I call bullshit, he had no software development experience other than working with somebody else who actually did.

You know, if you have an employee who had the ambition to learn how to do things on their own that you couldn’t figure out on your best day, it would be best for you to have a big heaping helping of humble pie. Starting shit with them to try and bring them down to your level is a seriously retarded plan that won’t benefit you, in any way, period. It sure as fuck isn’t going to make you any smarter than them. The best you’re going to accomplish is making a few of your certified “wizards” float a little higher on the food chain because the real McCoy told you to make them TRY to figure shit out.

If I’m wrong here, simply prove me wrong. At least the proof of my knowledge and experience has multiple points of reference on the internet without any of them now pointing to a Chinese porn site. LoLz!!!