Windows, Icons, Mouse Pointers – WIMPs!

I know that I’ve mentioned this before in another post here before, but I used to work for this computer repair joint in Scottsbluff, NE named Connecting Point (I’ll be honest, it was more like a pawn shop that did computer repair on the side). They had this “manager” who I swear had a surgical procedure where the top of his head was sliced off, what little was in there was scooped out, the empty cavity was refilled with nothing but Microsoft, and the top of his skull was stapled back on.

People like this multiply like cockroaches and I can guarantee that anybody in the tech world with random upper case letters in their email signature has had this surgical procedure performed on them. The ass-clown mentioned in the above would go out of his way to talk shit about Linux and not even be smart enough to realize that more devices in his world run Linux rather than Windows. Hey, Slurpie…You know that cable TV box that your meaningless life revolves around? Yeah, it runs Linux, not Windows. (Here’s yer sign)

WIMPs like this also have this bad habit of hearing catchy little tech phrases, not knowing what they actually mean, and then using them incorrectly in conversations with others. You know, to try and gaslight others and make them think that they’re oh-so well informed. For example, referring to the web interface of their router as a “Web Application Firewall”. They’re smart enough to repeat that phrase, but not smart enough to Google the phrase to find out what it actually means. (Ummm, sorry, Slurpie…Your shitty little Linksys router isn’t doing squat to protect your WordPress website)

Now before you start in with this “you always think you’re so much smarter than everybody else” bullshit, just shaddap already…The only people who spew that shit are the idiots who are embarrassed by the fact that they actually fall into the category of people that this rant is about. Don’t blame me for your shortcomings, it’s not like I’m rattling off false information here and strategically blaspheming you. I’m just telling a random story about a past experience. If it magically applies to you as well, that’s gotta suck out loud. I’m sorry about your bad luck (and bad life choices).

I realize that it’s good for tech business to swing on Microsoft’s ball-sack and partner up with a Microsoft 365 service middle-man so you can sell things at the full Microsoft price but get the service at a reduced rate from the middle-man. But, seriously, quit acting like you’re oh-so smart with your mouse and web browser and still have to rely on somebody else who knows the Powershell command line and VBscript to do what Microsoft left out of your web interface…NEXT!

Say it with me…As long as your success still hinges upon a guy who knows how to function without the WIMP interface, you’re really not all that smart, and it doesn’t matter how many random upper-case letters you can pile into your email signature. The command line is still king, and as long as you can’t function at the command line without copying & pasting somebody else’s Stack Exchange script that still requires debugging…You’re a WIMP!

If you ever write a “how not to” book, I’d really like to get my own autographed copy of it!