What’s Taking Those “Experts” So Long?

Two computer “experts” who always insist that I’m wrong and think they’re proving their point by trying to gaslight me with confirmation-bias web links, still haven’t figured out one of the most elementary things in the Mac OS, Unix, and Linux operating systems after two months. Again, exactly what are your certifications supposed to be proving to me? Because, all I’m getting from them is that they merely amount to a Walmart caliber fashion statement.

Do you know the story behind the old saying “The Emperor Has No Clothes“? This is a grand living example of it.

One claims to have taken 2 years of Java programming in college, many years of Mac experience (but, really only at the desktop) and some BFD certification. The other one claims to have software development experience, claims 30 years IT experience, and I really don’t know what certifications. I’m self-taught, my first computer 43 years ago required you to type in the source code for every program. I can prove what I know, and I don’t need certifications to do it.

You’d think that people like that, who believe they’re so far above others due to their certifications, would actually be smart enough to look at things from the lowest level and think their way up through it in order to understand how something is actually working. Nope, not these “experts”. It’s like they think they can look at a factory from an airplane 35,000 feet up in the sky and know how it works, better than the employees who work there – with no formal education.

Let’s say that you’re not a certified computer “expert”. Do you think that the date/time display on your laptop or cell phone is really how it’s keeping track of time? Is it really counting years, months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds? Or, is it simply displaying some date/time text, based on some counter/timer? Most laymen don’t realize this, but any computer “expert” should know that it’s counting the number of elapsed seconds since 12am, January 1, 1970.

Never mind the fact that I’ve used the phrase “Unix timestamp” around these two “experts” thousands of times, they still seem to think that computers magically look at two dates, count all of the days from one to the other, then know the time difference between them. No, each of those dates is simply a text representation of seconds since 01-01-1970 at 00:00 hours (a Unix timestamp). The computer subtracts one timestamp from the other. This isn’t a complex task!

Never in my life have I ever seen simple subtraction baffle the shit out of two “experts” who insist on trying to play me off like I’m a complete idiot compared to them. I’ve even provided working example code in various scripting languages, but the obvious still escapes them. Exactly what are these certifications supposed to be proving to me? I think a little self-motivation to actually learn shit on your own bears far more validity than random letters in your email signature.

When will these “certified experts” finally figure out how long ago the last backup was on a computer without the need for a third-party monitoring service? If they think they’re smart enough to constantly take me for an idiot and tell me that I’m wrong, then they should have come up with a solution to this BASIC problem a long time ago. For fuck’s sake, just open a terminal already and try to figure out what your certifications say you should already know! LoLz!!!