Try Harder To Actually Prove Yourself Right!

I get such a kick out of people who put more effort into trying to prove others wrong but don’t seem to have the time to put into actually proving themselves right. For example, I recently had one person insist on telling me that I was looking on the wrong website for a computer that nobody else knew the name of. Ummm, if nobody (including yourself) knows what it’s called, exactly what the hell makes your personal choice of website the correct one? Hey, I have a fantastic suggestion, prove yourself actually right, I’ll patiently wait right here…

The same kind of people also heavily rely on confirmation bias driven Google search results to argue against anything you say, but never seem to be able to come up with anything compelling that proves them right. “I think you’re wrong and here’s something I found with Google from somebody else who supports my opinion!” Yep, you really got me now! Wow, somebody else that shares your opinion, that’s powerful stuff. There’s no point in me even expecting you to come up with a better plan. You must have been the debating team captain!

“You know, for every 1 person who reports a problem, there are 5 others who didn’t want to bother with it.” Oh great, now you think that calculus is proving a point. Even the two guys who invented calculus said that it’s just an estimate based on continuous change in numbers without predictable patterns. Making a statement based on an estimate of figures that are unpredictable is even further removed from proving yourself right. Is that really the best you can do? (Must not have been a real problem)

The world has gotten to the point where everybody thinks their opinions and preferences are all that matters and can’t be bothered with actually proving that they have a better way of doing things. Funny, they can’t be bothered to actually learn how something works, but they certainly have plenty of free time to complain about it. When what they’re complaining about is the result of them not taking the time to learn. Oh yes, you are certainly qualified to be demanding procedure and protocol changes. Please continue sharing your vast wisdom on the topic, Einstein!

A friend of mine who does custom solar PV design and installation recently went down this rabbit hole with a woman who had pie in the sky wants, but couldn’t accept the fact that what she was expecting wasn’t possible. She repeatedly tried to prove him wrong with confirmation bias Google search results, thinking that she was proving him wrong at every turn, but it was always the right answer to the wrong question. Don’t try to prove somebody wrong until you actually have a clue as to what the fuck you’re talking about!

Rather than putting so much effort into failing to prove somebody else wrong, try putting that effort into proving that you have an actual solution. If you can’t do that, then you are by no means qualified to complain or share your opinion. It doesn’t take any special skill to complain, babies learn to do that the moment that they get hungry for the first time. The world has enough complainers, you’re not doing anything original. Try harder, become an actual useful source of information, help people actually want to do something besides make you just shut the fuck up already!