That’s News To Me! Now On YouTube

Last year I decided that my first YouTube channel was going to change gears and all future greenhouse & aquaponics stuff would be published on my second channel. The reason being, the first channel had become majorly over-run by libtards, snowflakes, trolls, and general keyboard warriors. Therefore, my first channel would now become my personal channel for humor, homebrew & distillation, drone shots, etc. Let the libtard snowflake butt-hurting begin!

I was always a fan of things like “Not Necessarily The News” from the 1980’s and “Weekend Report” on SNL before the show turned into a bunch of woketards spreading democrat propaganda. When I considered that those YouTube Shorts are limited to 1 minute (because that’s the extent of most people’s attention span these days) I could use that for little 1 minute satirical newscasts that only take a couple hours to plan, record, and put together.

Back in the days of those satirical news shows that I used to watch in the 1980’s, they actually had to put effort into exaggerating a topic in order to make it funny. These days, the jokes write themselves. Now the news cycle delivers a pre-written joke every other day, the only actual work involved here is deciding which one I want to use in my 1 minute weekly videos. They’re actually make it way too easy for me to drop a new video every week.

Two of the characters that I manufactured for my Cyrus Mason-Jarr spoof videos are now making a comeback in the newscasts (Cyrus and his mom), just because rednecks make everything funny. I have ideas for additional characters that will likely have to be AI generated. It’s just a damn shame that took away their Joe Biden voice synthesis, but they certainly didn’t have any problem having a Donald Trump voice while he was president.

After the first three episodes, I noticed a huge difference in video views compared to previous non-humorous content. The yo-yo effect on the subscriber count is also amusing to me because you can actually see the snowflakes unsubscribe and instantly get replaced by somebody else. I haven’t had this much fun with YouTube since I posted the videos calling bullshit on all of the Wu-Flu propaganda, where everything I said actually turned out to be true!

“But aren’t you worried about getting demonetized by YouTube?”…No, I don’t use their monetization garbage, which is what keeps me off their policing radar. I don’t have the time for all of the bullshit that goes into playing their game for pocket change. Until you have 100,000 subscribers, you don’t even make enough for beer money and it takes a metric shit-ton of daily effort to get to that number and keep it. I’ll pass, I’m only in it for the fun of pissing off snowflakes.