Still No Facebook 2 Years Later

Considering the fact that I’m still seeing Facebook stupidity without even having a Facebook account anymore, all of those ass-clowns who said “you’ll be back” are still wrong and will continue to be wrong. Unlike the libtard Twitter twats, I didn’t announce my departure from Facebook to be an attention whore. I proved that their app secretly turns on your microphone and uses speech to text on the recordings to target you with ads. If they’re underhanded enough to do that, then there’s no doubt that they are also scanning your photos with their AI for the same purpose.

I wish I could say how many people I encountered who said they weren’t concerned with Facebook’s spying and tracking, and said “I have nothing to hide”. I just ran into another one a couple days ago and I told her, if that’s the case, let me take a picture of both sides of your credit cards, tell me the billing address, and give me your social security number. She quickly told me no and I called her bluff, “oh, so you actually do have something to hide, but you don’t mind if Facebook can obtain that information without even asking for it”…Blank stare ensues…

I really blew a number of friends’ minds who said that and told them to please remove my contact info and any pictures of me from their phone if they have nothing to hide. I certainly don’t need them sharing my contact info and pictures along with their own just because they’re stupidly careless. I actually deleted my number and the text message conversation between us from one friend’s phone when they had me fix a problem for them. It was funny as hell when they finally realized that they had no way to contact me anymore.

It’s amazing how much more I can get done now without being drawn to that “news feed” and how much more battery life I get out of my phone. Combine that with the fact that I’ve successfully scared away those who kept blowing up my phone with text messages using their Facebook style sharing of stupid shit with me, I get even more battery life out of my phone now.

I honestly can’t believe how many people there are who now live their daily lives offline as fake and phony as they do on Facebook. Welcome to my shit-list fuckhead! If you can’t separate your phony online persona from reality, you’re going to have a bad time conversing with me. The last I heard, I am now bound by Nebraska law to be painfully honest with you. My apologies to your future hurt feelings.

Whenever assassination and mystery suicide season finally kicks in, somebody please let me know because I have a wish list that I’d like to submit for consideration. Mark “Zuck-Face” Fuckerberg is at the top of my wish list because of how many slobbering online idiots that he’s responsible for creating. Next would be everybody who works at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue that wears a blue hat at election time and anybody else who voted for them.

Speaking of blue things, now that Elon Musk has taken over Twitter and jerked the rug out from all of the crooked blue hat wearing fucks, I have reactivated my account there so I can watch the libtard emotional breakdowns from a front row seat. You can reach me there at if you can’t pass the anti-spam quiz on the contact form here. I don’t post a lot there because I think I only have 12 followers, I’m mainly just there for the entertainment.

But, how do I know that I can trust the Twitter app? That’s simple, I don’t use the app, I use a web browser on my laptop. I have very few apps on my phone that it didn’t come with because I use a de-Googled Android from and I will never go back to a Google Android, and I definitely will never own an iPhone. I switched to this phone at the same time that I deleted my Facebook account. Give it a try sometime, pull the plug on Facebook and big-brother supervised phones, you’ll be surprised at how much better you feel when you know that big-brother can’t spy on you and track you anymore!