Some People Just Want To Be Offended

I think back to when I left my optician job in August of 2011 and how the manager of the joint got “offended” because I said that I no longer have the stomach for babysitting welfare cases and people that are actually too stupid to pass a vision test. She got butt-hurt because I said something negative about a small segment of the customers and decided to be “offended” by that. Yes, she consciously made the decision on her own to be “offended” when nothing was said about her at all. (How dare I have my own opinion?)

As time went by, I heard from other people how things I said that were strictly about myself, somehow got twisted into other things that she decided were offensive to her. Wait, what the fuck? Me saying that I’m not built for that kind of work anymore was a dig at how she runs the joint? I know for a fact that she didn’t actually make the decision that they had to accept Medicaid cases and cater to every low IQ moron that makes an appointment there. So, why be offended? (How dare I have a negative opinion of my own abilities?)

I still have the same problem to this day, I can’t deal with people who expect somebody to babysit them and dummy everything down for them so they can understand it. Sorry, I’m not a teacher, I’ve never owned a “For Dummies” book on any topic and I’m not about to start buying and reading those things now. I don’t have the time for it, but there are plenty of other people in this world who actually do have the time for it, go bug them for explanations and to be your babysitter. How did I learn things? I just plugged away at things until I figured it out, that’s why I don’t have a bunch of random upper case letters in my email signature.

For you easily offended types, not everything in this world is all about you. If you run a business and somebody else says that your business isn’t something that interests them, don’t interpret that as them having a problem with your business. Say you run a house keeping service and I say that I’d never want to do that kind of work, it doesn’t mean that I have a problem with your business or disagree with how you want to make money. It simply means that doing that kind of work doesn’t interest me, don’t interpret my interests (or lack thereof) as disapproval and get offended by it.

It seems that some people in this world just look for things to bother themselves about. They’re so concerned with their own likes and interests that they’ve convinced themselves that everybody else also has to embrace the same things, and those who don’t are somehow against them. It’s almost as if their likes and interests are equal to a religion. Tell a hardcore bible thumper that you’re not interested in religion and you’ll get the same reaction from them. Your lack of interest instantly makes you a heathen in their eyes.

I outgrew being offended by things when I was a teenager and had to deal with judgmental fucks all the time. There isn’t anything that anybody could tell me today that would offend me, I don’t have the time to give a fuck about anybody else’s opinions or beliefs. If you feel the need to make me aware of your opinions and beliefs, the most that I’m going to do is return the favor. I’m not going to dwell on it or lose sleep over it because I just simply don’t give a fuck, I’ve got better things to do with my time. Everybody should give it a try, life is so much better when you don’t give fuck what other people think!

No one cares that you are offended, especially me, learn to accept it.