Reading Instructions Now Banned!

There must have been a new law passed sometime in the past 10 years that bans the reading of all instructions and user manuals. I’ve also recently discovered that this even applies to people watching instructional videos. The only thing that people will take the time to read are messages, and even those have to be kept under the original SMS limit of 160 characters because that’s the extent of most people’s attention span these days.

When YouTube first came up with this idea for “shorts”, I just thought they were trying to keep up with TikTok. I’m now convinced that those 1 minute videos merely exist because people are such slobbering idiots these days that their attention span can’t handle any more than that. I’m not even joking here, the stats on my own YouTube videos even reflect that. Well ladies, it’s safe to say that your husbands are watching far less porn now!

I’ve decided that If people don’t have the time to read, then I no longer have the time to document anything or answer their questions. If you can’t figure it out, then you’re unqualified, end of story. How’s that grab ya?

For all the good it does for me to document things, I’m tempted to create documents with the old Rick-Rolled video embedded in them just to see how long it takes anybody to notice. Something tells me that I’ll die before that happens.

I used to ask people if I need to type something out in braille and jam it up their ass so they can understand it. But, I have a feeling that even their ass is too damn lazy to read that these days. Seriously, what the fuck happened to this world? How do these libtards even make it through college to earn their worthless gender studies degrees these days? Do you just automatically get one simply because you signed up for the course?

If you’re too lazy to read or watch more than 1 minute of a video (or even bother starting to watch it) then I can’t help you and I will write you off as a hopeless case. I’m not a babysitter and anybody who uses anything that I’ve created is too old to need a babysitter. Your laziness and unwillingness to learn aren’t my problem. Find a new hobby or job, maybe something along the lines of finger painting or trash collecting is more your speed.