MAGA-FTW Nailed You!

How much do I miss Facebook? Let me count the ways… <crickets> I won’t say that I hate to say I told you so, because I actually don’t hate saying that. MAGA-FTW (Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Walmart) are the largest spying operations and personal information leakers in the world. I’ve been warning people about the underhanded evils of these companies for years and I just get blown off like I’m a tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist. Well, after what happened to Parler this week and after pointing out countless times how much of a threat online spying and censorship is, tell me again how full of shit I am.

Parler is only part of this week’s shit-show. This week, these companies also proved that they are more powerful than the government and any elected official. But, don’t mind me, I’m full of shit and just a tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist. Do you idiots see the problem yet? All of you clowns who say “oh well, I have nothing to hide” or “it’s too late now, big brother already got me” are the ones that are enabling this problem by continuing to play into their game. (Please, remove my number and any other contact info for me from your phone and computer)

If you really have nothing to hide, then give me your social security number, all of your credit card information, and all of your medical history. What’s that? You won’t do that? Well then, clearly, you do have something to hide. But, don’t worry, you already gave it to big brother, I’m sure that I can find it on the dark web if I go looking for it. Why would you trust these other companies more than you trust me?

The longer you continue this state of cognitive dissonance and continue to use these company’s products and services, the longer you continue to feed them the information that they want. They don’t have to take it from you, all they have to do is wait for you to give them even more information. Check out Rob Braxman’s YouTube channel if you want things covered in very clear detail so you can see exactly how bad you are fucking yourself every day by using these company’s products and services.

No, I’m not saying that you have to go completely off-grid, off the internet, shut down your cell phone, etc. There are just more sensible ways to use the internet. And, making companies like Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, and Walmart part of your daily life because you value their free/cheap products and services more than you value your own security and privacy makes you the greatest contributor to the overall problem.

I started transitioning to a big-tech ghost at the beginning of December 2020. My Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter accounts are shut down. I switched to a de-Googled AOSP phone, my home internet now runs everything through a VPN router by Rob Braxman, the phone uses the same VPN when it’s not on my home WiFi. I switched to another Amazon account registered to a Wyoming LLC and only use a prepaid debit card with it assigned to a junkmail@ email address. I haven’t been in a Walmart since 2011 so the videos they feed to big brother don’t have any pictures of me in the past 10 years. As for Microsoft and Apple, I don’t exist. See how simple that was?

What you saw big tech do this week was just the opening act for the main show. I’m going to get to tell you I told you so again, and again, and again. How many times will I get to say that this year before you boneheads finally get it? When are you going to stop playing into their game and fueling their fire? They aren’t taking anything from you, you’re giving it to them voluntarily!

Put on your seatbelts, idiots. Or simply pull your heads out of your asses already!