Join My MeWe Group Already, Cronies!

It never fails, narcissists get online and instantly think they need to have a group or forum somewhere to spread their message and beg for (if not, demand) praise. It’s generally pretty easy to bait people into following you in these groups or forums, all you need to do is promise them salvation or the possibility of winning a prize. This is one of the oldest scams ever invented and still works like a charm to this day. If you want a following of idiots and suckers, here’s your ticket!

I’ve never understood attention whores like this, I’ve just never gotten a kick out of entertaining idiots. However, I do very much enjoy tormenting these attention whores. If I would have had my current computer skills and the internet was publicly accessible back when Jim Jones was luring idiots and suckers into his cult, I probably could have jerked the rug out from under his feet and saved some lives.

The funniest part is that these charlatans are always so full of themselves that even when they have a laughable number of followers, they think that they’re actually a success. As they always say, small things fascinate small minds. But, just like any other self-absorbed scammer, they always want more.

These people are predators and whenever I see this guy in the following photo, I just think that it needs a John Wayne Gacy quote plastered on it. He’s not baiting people with the promise of eternal salvation, he uses the prize method. Unfortunately, the prizes are always cheap garbage that don’t even have any decent scrap weight value at the recycling center. He has a small group of roughly 1000 users on MeWe and thinks it’s a major accomplishment. Ummm, MeWe only has a total of 16 million users and there are craft groups there that have 200 times that number of users. Yeah, he’s a real success. NOT!

Look at any guide that explains how to become an online influencer, he is laughably avoiding every one of the minimum basic things that he needs to be doing. But, he seems to think he’s a success and an internet celebrity. Hell, I know people who have more Facebook friends than he has followers. My own YouTube channel has more followers and I don’t even do anything to promote it. Sorry, if you don’t have a social media specialist updating multiple platforms every day, you will never be an influencer.

If he and his skank wife weren’t constantly feeding people bad information and fabricated bullshit, I wouldn’t be so compelled to target them with spoof videos on my YouTube channel. I also know how to use hashtags and keywords to place my spoof videos right in the suggested videos of his followers and anybody else who might be searching for his videos or related topics. I don’t even have to put any effort into it and making the videos is equally as effortless.

Thus far, every spoof video I’ve done so far has gotten at least 80% of its views from suggested video clicks or by auto-play on the user’s device. The best part is, there is absolutely nothing he can do to stop it other than delete his own videos and any other content on his channel that matches the hashtags and keywords that I’m using. Isn’t technology freakin wonderful? Well, it is if you actually learn how it works (which he clearly didn’t).