I’ve Raised My Standards, So Up Yours!

Without fail, I will encounter some douchebag every week that thinks their laughable standards are something that I must aspire to. Whether it’s somebody local to me who thinks their mediocre life is something spectacular or some moron posting comments on one of my videos on one of my YouTube channels. Funniest part is, their would-be higher standards always seem to be some low-energy bullshit that they’ve just settled for and think it’s something special.

I have a friend who bought himself a 1984 Corvette a few years ago, I can only assume because the car was cheap and he graduated in 1984. He’s one of those who always has some reason to ridicule things I own and how I do things. He honestly thinks that Corvette is symbolic of his superior taste and standards. Ummm, the car rides like shit, stinks like fuck from cigarette smoke, and I swear the number of things that still work vs what no longer works is split right down the middle. People with high standards buy old worn out half working sports cars…Got it.

Last week, some moron that was a subscriber on my personal YouTube channel found his way over to my aquaponics & greenhouse channel. I posted a video to tell people who I’d suggest they turn to if they’re wanting to learn aquaponics and this moron posted a comment asking if I’ve lowered my standards. When I looked at his channel, he had 21 subscribers and zero content. (Ummm, why are there 21 subscribers?) I would think that a person with such high standards and calls themselves “wizzzard aquaponics” would have something to show for their high standards.

I’m certain that the reason people do this is to make a weak attempt to prevent an even larger gap from growing between our standards with me moving too far ahead of them to catch up with. Much like when I announced that I was leaving Facebook at the end of 2020. People in my friends list were so afraid of me moving on to something better that I swear I could smell the fear in their thoughts. Sorry, moron – my standards are already higher than yours, try to keep up because I’ve just raised them again!

What’s that? People say that I’m being an asshole now? That’s interesting, they thought it was funny when I was on the receiving end of that shit. That’s a damn shame, I really wish that I had at least a couple fucks to give here. People always seem to forget that others can put an end to their shit just as easily as they dole it out.

Here’s a reminder, you can be shut down and shut off with zero effort whether it’s in person or online. There’s a magic menu with three little dots that can put an end to your shit whether it’s online or on a person’s phone. I have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to idiots, but I’ll give you a chance to fix your problem before I start slinging your shit back at you. As soon as I get bored with you, I’ll hit the three dot menu and send you packing.

I think that what some people don’t realize is that I keep an extremely small set of associates, I generally don’t like people. I don’t care if I’ve known you since childhood, if you think that you have the right to talk shit to me for any reason, you get the eject button. If you honor mutual respect, you’re in. But the moment that you start thinking that I’m your bitch and you can talk shit to me, you’re fuckin outta here! I have a hell of a sense of humor, I know when a joke is a joke. But, the moment you start abusing that privilege, you’re going to get a seriously rude and maddening exit from my good graces. You can take that to the bank!