It Just Has To Be Real!

One thing that there’s certainly no shortage of on Facebook and the internet in general are idiots who will believe pretty much anything that they see on their phone or computer screens. Yet, they’d never believe the same bunch of bullshit if it was written on the wall of a public restroom. Why is that? Do they actually believe that putting anything on the internet is more complicated than taking a magic marker to a bathroom wall?

Ever since I created a Facebook account in 2008 at the suggestion of my brother (quite possibly the worst piece of advice that I’ve ever been given) I have watched the IQ scores of friends progressively dwindle to double digit numbers. I’m deleting my two Facebook accounts on 12-31-2020 so I don’t have to watch these IQ scores dwindle even further into negative numbers. It’s just too painful to watch anymore.

I just have to wonder what the hell went so wrong in people’s heads where they don’t even have a functioning bullshit detector anymore. People seem to think that if it’s a miracle cure, recipe, life hack, and it’s accompanied by a video, then it just has to be real. Nobody would dare take the time to use iMovie on their Mac to create a bogus viral video just for the sake of increasing their number of followers. Would they?

Then there are the Facebook-Educated Political Experts that think their endless stream of political memes are actually reaching the entire world, rather than just annoying the fuck out of everybody in their friends list. It’s really too bad that the entire world can’t see just how gullible and annoying these people are, it would be nice to see them get overwhelmed with comments pointing that out and to shut them the fuck up already.

Let’s not forget all of the people who believe their constantly granstanding friends telling everybody how much of a Christian they are. You know, if you’re that much of a Christian, why don’t you follow Matthew 6:5 and stop making a spectacle of yourself already? It’s because these clowns are actually just fans of Christ, not actual followers. You are being suckered by a bunch of charlatans, end of story. Beware of false prophets!

Best of all, the conspiracy nuts that believe shit like the header image on this rant. Is there no limit to how absolutely stupid a person is willing to make themselves appear online? However, I do find it rather amusing to see that people are putting in so much effort to make YouTube videos trying to prove that Elvis is still alive and well, and is now a grounds keeper at Graceland.

At least for the time being, MeWe doesn’t have these problems yet and if I want uncensored news I can just go to Gab for that. I joined Facebook for the humor and now the humor is just too hard to find because it’s buried under all of the bullshit that I just pointed out. Luckily for me, I know that not everybody will follow me over to the other sites because they’re too addicted to Facebook and junkies are junkies.