Is It Cell Phone, Or “Self-Owned”?

Do you have one of those friends that’s “so in the know”, “so well informed”, “so skilled at copying and pasting URLs”? The best part is when their URLs come from Reddit or CNN and the copy & paste warrior thinks they’ve really made a valid point. What about one of those friends who thinks everybody wants to see every step of their mediocre life? That’s nice, we honestly had no idea that you just figured out how to buy food, good for you! My favorite are those who are all proud of their new cell phone and feel the need to show people all of the apps they have installed. Let me guess, you also answered Yes when the Facebook app asked if you’d like to sync your contacts? (Here’s yer sign, dumbass!)

Seriously, if it isn’t people just making total buffoons of themselves with their cell phones every day, it’s people driving their life and security off a cliff with their cell phone instead. Most people these days are just a bunch of attention whores and are so addicted to their cell phone that if you took it away from them, you’d think that they got hit in the head with a shovel. They’d be so fucked up in a week that they’d need to check into rehab or some mental hospital. Believe it, or not, cell phone addiction is actually a rehab treatable condition now!

You call it a “Smart Phone”. Do you know how and why that term was advanced in the first place? The letters in “smart” actually stand for Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology. Do you think all of this tracking by Google and Apple just came along after the fact? No, they could triangulate your location even back in the days of flip-phones. These so-called “Smart Phones” just took that existing capability to the 100th power. Now you’re a junkie, addicted to it.

I used to tell people that “Big Tech owned your ass”, but the truth is that they owned themselves. You’re a “self-owned Big Tech fuck-up”, you fell for the bait and now you’re addicted. I was one of the slowest adopters of an Android, and I was one of the first to figure out what they’re actually doing, and quickly got the fuck away from Google. I don’t do anything anymore that uses Google services or their version of Android. Even my YouTube channels have fake contact info on the accounts and I don’t touch them unless it’s through a virtual machine hidden behind a VPN. Even the 2FA uses VOIP phone number.

People who use Voice-to-Text or own an Alexa, or anything else that has voice recognition, are permanently fucked for privacy. You have been voice fingerprinted and now big brother knows where you’ve been even if it’s somebody else’s device that hears your voice. While Apple has said that they only keep voice records for 6 months, neither Amazon nor Google will say how long they keep them. Your laziness over typing and choosing to use Voice-to-Text instead has permanently fucked you, even if you get a new phone under a fake name and Apple/Google ID. The moment that you use Voice-to-Text again, the company that made your phone’s OS automatically knows exactly who you really are.

It just cracks me up how people think they’re “oh so much smarter” now and every time they want to prove how smart they are, they reach for their cell phone. Whereas, I’ve actually noticed them progressively get more stupid by the day since they got their first cell phone. They bitch about big brother, but won’t do anything about it because they have forgotten how to think for themselves by now. I really wonder how much longer it will be before these self-owned idiots forget how to go to the bathroom without having to Google it first.