I Love The Smell Of Napalm In The Morning

Or, maybe I actually just love the smell of melting snowflakes on YouTube in the morning.

Starting in May of 2020, I took a 1+ year break from YouTube because the snowflakes and sheeple were coming out of the woodwork like a roach infestation. The virtue signaling and the victim mentality was out of control. People were constantly trying to hit me up for freebies on my 3dgtower.com website because “we’re all in this together” (unless you’re a democrat politician).

But the funniest part of all were all of these people who constantly said they were going to build a hydroponics or aquaponics system so they could be self-sufficient (yet never budged an inch) were begging me daily to help them get a system up and running immediately because of how the Wu-Flu plandemic was affecting grocery stores. Sorry, slacker! Even if I did help you, there’s no way you would know how the system works until after at least a year of trial and error in order to plan around its functionality qwirks.

OK, so I decided to come back at the end of September, 2021 when the channel finally hit 14,000 subscribers and the roaches were even thicker than before. So I posted a new video on December 12, 2021 to hopefully fumigate the roaches out of there again and it’s quite a interesting sight to see. You’ll see the subscriber count go down by 15 or so one day, then it climbs right back up the next day. This has been going on for a couple days now and it’s actually rather amusing.

You have to keep in mind, my channel is not monetized, I don’t have enough subscribers to even begin thinking about that. You won’t even make beer money unless you have 100,000 subscribers and each new video reaches 100,000 views within the first day. After that first day, your ad revenue drops off like a fat kid going down a water slide. I don’t have the free time or the material to produce enough ad revenue to live off of, so my channel is just cheap amusement for me.

The best amusement for me is watching social media educated wizards lose their minds when they find out exactly how deluded and misinformed they are. You want to come to my channel and try to prove how well informed you are and how everybody else needs to start thinking your way? Awesome, I’ll play and you’ll pay (more than likely in melted snowflake liberal tears). Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!