I Have a Title and I Know How To Use It

Few things amuse me as much as somebody who has what they think is an important sounding job title and convinces themselves that they’re just all kinds of important everywhere in the world. I don’t care what it is, group admin, team lead, department manager, shift foreman, director of restroom supplies and maintenance. Your title was only given to you to make yourself feel like you’re important. You’re still just a simple nobody in the eyes of the rest of the world, learn to accept that and get over yourself.

Then you have clowns like this guy named Cyrus Mason Jar (aka: Captain Corndog) who tells people that he’s a “podcaster” and tries to make people think that he’s some kind of internet celebrity. But, according to what his streaming outlets show, he’s only got 40 subscribers and hasn’t done anything since December of 2021. Yep, internet podcaster is a real impressive title, you’re real important to a whole 40 people, that’s quite the celebrity status you got going there. Clearly explains why he hasn’t done anything for 6 months (no audience).

Hell, if all it takes is a simple title to make yourself all kinds of important, then I’m going to buy myself a plot of land in Scotland so I can officially put the title “Lord” before my name. The best part was watching all of these online narcissists call me a narcissist after that. Why is that? Because I played the game better than you? That’s a damn shame, looks like you get what you pay for and I actually have proof of purchase in my case.

People and their false sense of self-importance crack me up and are one of my favorite online toys. If there is anybody in this world that deserves to be sent off chasing their own tails and give me a rent-free living space in their head, it’s them. Don’t mind me, I’m just rearranging the furniture here. You will probably find a lot of cloned copies of your accounts on your favorite online platforms, this should keep you busy chasing your tail for a while. LOL

This clown’s wife goes by Windsong (aka: Windskank) in his little MeWe group on moonshining for beginners and she’s an admin, but he thinks it’s a really big group with only a little over 1000 users. Clearly, he’s never actually seen a large group on that website. Hell, there are meme groups on that site that 250 times that number of users or more. Still, isn’t that rich? A fake name with a fake title, but she’s just as high on herself as he is and thinks that she’s also a major internet podcaster as his sidekick/stooge.

Your number of followers is by no means representative of the value of the information that you are peddling. Jim Jones was yet another narcissist and had a metric shit-ton of followers, but he was peddling nothing but bogus information. I would trust a smaller group like the Mason Jar Mafia (check out their YouTube channel) who promotes factually accurate information that is easily verifiable, rather than the bullshit that Captain Corndog and Windskank peddle in their group of 1000 cronies.

Where you get your information matters, if somebody is trying to sell you something, then it’s safe to say that the information that they’re peddling is skewed in favor of their product. Cult leaders and scammers always think extremely highly of themselves and habitually project their own evil traits and shortcomings as problems with everybody else who can actually expose them for what they truly are. I should help them put together a new SkankenJar Podcast someday.