Don’t You Dare Hold Any Unacceptable Views!

I’m sorry Larry, it appears that you’ve had a bit too much to think…This month’s rant is brought to you by the thought police who spend entirely too much time worrying about everybody else’s personal opinions and beliefs!

If you don’t like a person’s opinions and beliefs, why would you bother asking them for their opinion or what they believe? Seems to me that if you know for a fact that you are about to end up all butt-hurt by what they’re going to say, you’d learn to just stop talking to them and spare your fragility some grief. No need for a big speech about how you’re offended and waste everybody’s time with a little-league pissing contest over it.

Trying to censor or cancel a person, or get them fired (or fire them) just because they don’t drink the same Kool-Aid that you do, only makes you look like a complete freakin buffoon. You aren’t making a valid point to anybody, not even to yourself. The only thing that you’re succeeding at is throwing a juvenile fucking tantrum and proving just how mentally fragile and unstable you are. Invest in some thicker skin and a spine already!

I always seem to have a reference to that Scottsbluff, NE joke of a computer repair joint named Connecting Point. I was working there when a county deputy shot a friend’s Rottweiler and it was all recorded by his home CCTV cameras. Scotts Bluff County was their biggest customer because they also leased copiers. I expressed my disgust with the dog shooting, even on Facebook, and the county’s laughable IT manager at the time (Chance Florke) made it impossible for me to continue working there. Oh well, it just ended up being their loss, in grand fashion. No big deal to me.

Was it really worth everybody’s time to put so much effort into having such thin skin over my opinions and beliefs? The most that it cost me was one week of lost income. But I don’t live paycheck to paycheck, so it was just a week off in my world. They went over 2 months with nobody to fix computers and then ended up hiring back a former employee who never could figure out everything that I did to fix all of his fuckups that he left behind. I’m still laughing, especially now that I see that Chance lost his job with the county and how they took their business to Connecting Point’s biggest competitor! Simple logic explains that one!

Their insistence upon me thinking their way even went as far as religion, literally telling me to “pretend to be a Christian” and attend their Christmas parties. I don’t know what they thought their paycheck was actually paying for, but as far as I was concerned, it was merely for the work that I performed there between 8am and 5pm on weekdays. A free steak dinner isn’t anywhere near enough payment for me to put on that kind of charade. However, I do find it amusing that these “Christians” told me that you can simply pretend to be one and it’s perfectly acceptable. (Cafeteria Christians)

Words of wisdom, “You can be wrong, and you can be dead wrong” and “Be careful what you wish for“. Don’t get too caught up in trying to assimilate everybody into thinking the same way that you do just for the sake of protecting your delicate sensitivities. As we constantly see on display in this cesspool of cancel culture today, the victory that you score for your fragility right now will come back and bite you in the ass in short order, if not immediately.

What the fuck, Larry? That sounds like a threat…No, that’s just a sign that what I’m saying probably applies to you.

Most things in this world come with a price. The big question is, how much do you want to pay and how quickly do you want to pay for it? I say “most things” come with a price because there’s not enough money in the world to make me adopt somebody else’s beliefs. In which case, you should take some advice from Don Henley and GET OVER IT!