And The Rich Eat Their Own

I have zero respect for Apple. They were a trend setter at one time, they fired Steve Jobs and stepped all over their needle-dicks, they hired him back and he saved their sorry asses. Steve died and now they’re an epic laughable clusterfuck in the Unix world once again. Mac OS is just Apple’s desktop environment riding on top of FreeBSD Unix, it’s not a unique operating system, it’s just a desktop environment. If you claim to be a Mac OS expert, sorry, you’re just a mouse expert on Apple’s desktop. Mac OS Expert = W-I-M-P (Windows, Icons, Mouse-Pointers). Show me your expertise at the Unix command line and then I might be impressed.

OK, rant mode off. I always get such a kick out of it when I see a company like Apple call out Facebook about user privacy violations, as detailed in this story from The Guardian. The only use I have for Apple is that about 180 of clients that I deal with on a daily basis are Mac users, but that company is just as guilty of pirating user info as anybody else. But, thus far, they have been real successful at covering their tracks as to how they are using & sharing that information.

What does crack me up, though. Is that my work MacMini has never been on Facebook, so how did Facebook know to place ads in my newsfeed for obscure companies I deal with in my daily work? These are companies that don’t cater to the average end user at all, the only way Facebook could have known that these companies are of any use to me is if Apple shared my information with them in the first place.

When you consider Apple’s stock price to FaceFuck’s stock price, I do find it humorous that they’re handing a BTFO to FaceFuck over their blatant abuse of the privacy of their user base. I’m willing to bet that Mark ZuckFace Fuckerberg never addresses this BTFO at all and that little pussy just hides in his office with his soy latte and a teddy bear until it blows over. He shouldn’t get too comfortable, though. I’m betting Apple will keep rattling his cage until he finally flinches.