6 Months – Still No Facebook

More than 6 months without Facebook and I still don’t miss it, but apparently there are some people who think I should still be there because they have no other way to contact me now. I’ve actually had a few people accuse me of thinking I’m better than them because I’m too good for Facebook. No, the fact is that Facebook is no good for anybody and the only reason people stay there is because they’re addicted to it and addicted to grandstanding for people in their friends list. Look at me, look at my life, look at what I want you to believe!

Now I’m encountering another form of Facebook douchebaggery where somebody had a bad experience with another user and they’ve convinced themselves that it’s actually me. Listen, hockey puck, I have no use for Facebook at all (same goes for Google), not under any user account. I don’t need their tracking cookies on my computer or phone at all, no matter what account they’re linked to. Clear as mud?

I found out yesterday that a guy I used to work with at this lame ass computer store in Scottsbluff, NE called Connecting Point, which is more of a computer recycling center since all they sell are refurbished HP pieces of crap…Apparently had a bad experience with another Facebook user and managed to convince himself that it’s me under an alias. This is how deluded some people are, Facebook has them so high on themselves that they think people that they’re fascinated with are equally as fascinated with them.

For Pete’s sake, this fascination became immediately obvious after I left that computer recycling center because he repeatedly sent me text messages to tell me when he was undoing and memory-holing anything that I did there, as if he thought I gave a shit in the slightest and would reply. Why would I have any interest? Why the hell would he think that it matters to me if I don’t work there anymore? Why the unhealthy fascination with me? I call it jealousy and being painfully uncomfortable every day having to see something I did that he couldn’t figure out.

See why I don’t miss Facebook at all? This is how bad it rots people’s brains and logical thought process. I know this person believes that he’s some form of a local celebrity and computer wizard that all others should aspire to be like. But seriously, I routinely did things that he and all others before him were never able to figure out because somebody apparently cut the top of their heads off, scooped out what little was in there, then filled it back up full of Microsoft. Just a damn shame that I used that “cumbersome and complicated” Linux to do everything that they couldn’t figure out, and did it with ease.

[NOTE] Let’s make it clear that the owner of this recycling center (Harlan Trupp) is such a complete boob that he thinks his ability to drown cash in miserably failing and under-performing businesses that he’s fascinated with as a hobby, qualifies him as an expert on the matter of how everything works. Hey, Harlan, remember when you said I don’t know why your piece of shit XP computers couldn’t share files correctly with my system that I used to prove how laughably inept your company has always been? Dropbox already figured out disk controller channel signalling forever ago and I knew what the problem was (there’s also a huge difference between Windows server protocols on ports 139 and 445, you complete unqualified inept boob).

This is just what Facebook does to people, they forget that there’s usually a good explanation for things that they don’t understand, but their logical thought process is so rotted that they jump to delusional conclusions because it’s easier than actually thinking. This person has plenty of people around here that don’t like him, especially people that he worked with at other places that he was always trying to get fired. Which I’m sure who is behind his recent bad experience on Facebook.

At any rate, this is yet another example showing why I left Facebook and will never return. I don’t need the drama and the little league pissing contests, I don’t need to see endless pictures of people’s food and drinks, people’s endless virtue signaling in their profile pictures (oh yes, that blacked out profile picture makes you so virtuous and such an activist), and most of all – I don’t need to see the endless stream of people showing how gullible and brainwashed they are now. Please, don’t involve me in your Facebook induced psychosis, I really am too good for that bullshit.