3 Months Without Facebook

3 months without Facebook and I still don’t even slightly miss it! Which is why I don’t understand why people stay there and continue to bitch about the way that it’s operated. Yes, nag, bitch, and complain about them censoring and fact checking your posts, and bitch about being put in Facebook Jail, yet continue to stay at a place that you claim to hate. [SMH]

I like how some people will come over to MeWe and send me a message saying “there’s nobody here, nobody sees your posts”. Well, according to a press release not long ago, they said they had over 150 million users, so that debunks the part saying “there’s nobody here”. As for the part about “nobody sees your posts”, actually, everybody in my contacts list does no matter how small it is. I also share those posts in groups that I’m a member of, so that claim is also complete ignorant bullshit.

If somebody wants to stay on Facebook and be a perpetual human contradiction, I don’t care. All that matters to me is that I don’t have to read their endless bitching about Facebook anymore. If it wasn’t for the fact that every website that has a Facebook link or share icon follows you all around the internet, I’d just stay there under a bogus account with a fake name, no friends, and a stolen picture to short circuit their facial recognition. But there’s no way to stop them from following that bogus account around and tying it to your real identity when you log into websites that you legitimately use on a regular basis.

I don’t understand people who think there’s nothing they can do now, “all the big tech companies already got me”. That is such lazy and stupid thinking, I can’t believe that people just give up that easily rather than putting up a fight. If somebody stole a key to your house, would you continue to let them come and go as they please, or would you do something about it? Like, oh, I don’t know, change the lock? Or, do you just say “that’s too complicated, too much work, I’ll just accept it and live with it”?

If you’re too lazy to do anything, then you have ZERO right to complain. 3 months after ditching Facebook, Google, and replacing my Google Android phone with a deGoogled Android phone, I have taken my privacy back. No Facebook or Google account anymore means there’s nothing for them to track and spy on that’s connected to me. Yes, I may still have my YouTube channels, but I only access those from a virtual machine and the web browser in there never goes anywhere else. Anything I do on my personal WiFi network at home goes through a VPN that makes all of my internet traffic come from London and my work WiFi network at home is never used for anything personal. How much effort did that take? About 2 week’s worth.

You really do not HAVE to be Big Tech’s perpetual little bitch!