2023, Year Of The Certified Idiot

Last year had to have been the biggest year of certified idiots proving that they suffer from clinical stupidity that I’ve ever had to endure. No exaggeration at all, every 2 months I had a front row seat to the most laughable self-owns. Each time, I thought “it can’t get any worse than this”. Holy shit, was I ever wrong. If these rocket surgeons won’t read, listen, and learn, how the fuck did they ever obtain their certifications in the first place? Seriously, dark web diploma mills?

There are some people in this world that you just can’t get through to without typing things out in braille and jamming it up their ass. And, sometimes you just have to write them off as a hopeless case and let them drive their own ass off a cliff. Maybe after enough self-owns, they’ll realize that they’re really not all that and a bag of cookies, maybe not. I have no desire to bother with people like this, I’d rather just let the snake eat its own tail and move on about my day laughing.

I saw this video on X this morning where Ukraine is actually putting people with Down Syndrome on the front lines and I instantly said, that’s exactly the same as what all of last year’s certified idiots amounted to! People put in charge of a job without the necessary tools (with the main tool being the required IQ). All because they simply need a warm body to tell them which direction the enemy fire is coming from. Who cares what additional disasters they create in the process?

So, while the mainstream media tells us that Putin’s forces have been all but wiped out, we see now that the truth is Ukraine has been so badly beaten that they’re now putting retards and probably women on the front lines as sacrificial lambs. Meanwhile, here in the USA, we’re reducing qualification standards to meet recruitment quotas (and still failing). Top that off with the fact that we have mentally ill trannies running the show because “diversity equals security“.

That’s where we are now in this world? No point in recruiting actual qualified people for the job, you just find somebody with an IQ roughly equal to room temperature? If they fuck things up, just back-pedal and come up with an easier plan and hope they don’t fuck that up as well? My only question is, what happens if their fuck up is 100% catastrophic? What happens then? Strike up the string quartet and have them play sad songs while the ship sinks next to the iceberg it hit?

Lowering the acceptable standards for the person to fill the job is not the answer! I realize that this makes it easier to slide students through school with a passing grade, but don’t put them in charge of anything where lives can be lost or a business can be brought to a dead stop! Settling for an idiot with a collection of certifications to fill the job also isn’t the answer. Why not pay a little more for an experienced person who can actually do the job correctly the first time?

Happy 2024 – I’ve raised my standards, so up yours! And, if I offended you last year, please work on yourself so I don’t have to do it again this year. LoLz!!!