1 Year Later, And I’m Still Not a Better Person

Anybody who was waiting on me to become a better person in 2022 will just have to wait until the end of 2023 and hope for the best. I fully intended to have all of the dead weight whittled off my give a fuck list in the first couple months of 2022, but some people just couldn’t take a hint and turned things into a regular project for me. The ones who eventually got the point now seem traumatized like a Vietnam vet and think that I’m the asshole now, when all I did is give them a dose of their medicine at 10 times the speed they dealt it to me. Sorry, I’m busy, I’m kind of in a hurry.

As I’ve said numerous times in the past, people think it’s real funny when somebody else is fucking with me and see how easy it is for me to make somebody’s head explode with condensed doses of facts that short-circuit their egos. Suddenly, they start getting too comfortable with me and start thinking that I’m their bitch, and I certainly wouldn’t deal them the same treatment that they thought was so funny for somebody else to be on the receiving end of. Sorry suckah, I don’t care how long I’ve known you. If you suddenly think I’m below you, your feelings are gonna get hurt.

I can get along with anybody, I’m a swell fucking guy. But I have a zero tolerance level for blatant disrespect and people who get carried away flipping shit to others with no sense of when they’re out of line and simply no longer welcome. I have a hell of a sense of humor, but there comes a time when the novelty of a joke wears off. It took up until my dipshit “brother” was 50 years old before he realized that I’m tired of his bullshit insults and talking down to me like I’m less than him. Seriously, 50 fucking years, and then suddenly I became the “over-reactive asshole” for pointing this out.

Same thing happened this year to two clowns that I went to school with. Basically, their bullshit was just barely tolerable up until about 2017, but then just kept evolving into “Facebook Brain Fucked” by about 2020, and finally evolved into “completely annoying slobbering idiot” by the beginning of this year. You know, there are very few things more entertaining than a complete idiot patting themselves on the back for being so smart and so well informed, yet their life merely revolves around what they see on Facebook, Reddit, CNN, YouTube, Google, and anything else that caters to absolutely gullible fools.

Lest not forget the endless supply of certified idiots this year that continually wasted my time by trying to gaslight me, simply because they have some form of certification in an 8×10 picture frame, a PDF file, or a few random upper case letters in their email signature that don’t mean shit to most people. Yeah, we know that you crammed for a test, but we also know that 90% of that stuff you crammed was forgotten a week later and all you really remember at this point is that you now have the certification. BFD, I trust provable experience more than I trust any dusty old certification. Experience talks, certifications walk, fuck off.

I’m generally a pretty kind and generous person and I will go out of my way to help people with things that I am proficient with. If something related to technology, coding, gardening, self-sufficiency, electronics, is kicking your ass…I’m your guy, and I’ll help you if I think you’re smart enough to grasp and retain what I tell you. But if your problem is that you’re simply lazy and unwilling to read documentation, then I have no time for you and no room for you on my give a fuck list. Good luck finding your babysitter!

So, in closing for 2022…If you’re waiting for me to become a better person, check your efforts and expectations. Have you actually earned what you’re hoping for, or do you actually deserve what you’re getting instead?