Yet one more way that Google collects information on you in order to target you with more ads and political propaganda that they would rather you see. YouTube is the Borg of streaming video sites!

Start taking a liking to sites like BitChute and Rumble, you can thank me later!

How many times have you seen a YouTube video shared on social media and you click on the link just to see that it has been removed because it “violates their community standards”? Where do these videos go when that happens? Down the memory hole? No, in most cases they just move to one of the other two sites mentioned in the above because not all streaming video sites are ran by liberal left-tards out to censor and silence you.

Even though I’ve never had any videos banned on my YouTube channel, I have had their stupid fact-checking banners put on a few videos just because I said the word “virus” or “pandemic” in the videos. I haven’t posted a new video there since April 26, 2020 and I’m fairly certain that the next time that I do post one, it will be to tell people that I’m officially moving to one of the two alternative platforms that I mentioned in the above.

However, I have seen YouTube ban videos on channels that I’m subscribed to for absolutely preposterous reasons. I’ve seen them demonetize channels so the owner can no longer earn ad revenue, simply because the channel was propagating information that goes against YouTube’s lib-tard agenda. Then I’ve also seen them totally kill off a channel all together for that very reason as well. Sounds more to me like they’re a publisher, not a platform.

Just like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, YouTube only wants you to see what they think you should see in order to brainwash more people into seeing things their lib-tard way. This is why BitChute and Rumble are the places to be and YouTube should be left in the dust to fondle their little needle-dicks all alone. If you think this is alright and YouTube is fully justified in this behavior, then you’re a special kind of fucking stupid and should get off the internet ASAP!