Hard to believe that a social media website named after Jack Dorsey’s childhood pet name for his dick got to be so popular and listed on the NASDAQ. How can anybody proudly say that “I’m on Twitter” (Jack Dorsey’s dick)?

Jack Dorsey is living proof that you really can have one too many bong hits for breakfast and remain a billionaire while having absolutely no idea how any part of your company or its policies even work. This guy looks more and more like Charles Manson every day and speaks just about as coherently. Listening to this moron explain his original concept for Twitter is as painful as listening to Charles Manson babble at one of his parole hearings.

Twitter came onto the scene as yet another social networking platform, but their design and theory of operation made them more of a media platform so the moniker “social media” was adopted soon thereafter. Twitter soon became pretty much nothing more than a soap-box for celebrities, politicians, corporations, and MSM news outlets. Average users can still create accounts there, but they’re pretty much nothing but spectators because the only people who will see anything they post (tweet) will be friends who followed them.

Everything was normal at Twitter until Trump ran for president and then it really went in the shitter after he was elected. As with pretty much any California tech giant, they’re all far left leaning idiots that want this country to be one big welfare case with the liberal elites at the top of the ladder making all the money and controlling the rest of us. If you say things that don’t fit in with their plans or beliefs, you will be silenced, censored, fact-checked, and eventually canceled.

This cancel culture is the main reason that Gab was created. Personally, the only reason that I use Gab is for news. I know for a fact that the news there will not be censored and have lame ass liberal leaning fact-checking labels put on any of the posts. Unlike what Facebook does to posts that they want to prevent you from seeing or believing. Sorry, I don’t need a babysitter, I can make my own decisions.

There were times when both Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg made wise cracks saying that if somebody else were to build competing platforms, nobody would use them because everybody is already addicted to their platforms. Well, surprise fuckers! You might want to check the stats on Gab and MeWe now, they both already have millions of users. Checkmate, bitches!