Duck Duck Go is your friend! Google is just another pimp-daddy waiting to beat your ass if you don’t give them all the goods, and they will just take all the goods anyway after they’re done brainwashing you.

Just the fact that Duck Duck Go doesn’t track you and target you with ads is reason enough to switch!

Let us also make it clear that neither Bing nor Yahoo are your friends either. It’s safe to say that any web search engine that is also peddling their ass as a news outlet and littering your search results with ads is a complete farce. They don’t exist to help you, they merely exist to condition and assimilate you. They make absolutely sure that you only see what they want you to see and nothing more.

I know that most people who put up a website instantly want Google to index their site and get right up at the top of search engine results. Not me, at least not with this website. What good would it do me? I’m not selling anything here, this isn’t a business, it’s just a personal website that I put a link to in my personal email signature. It merely exists as a form of entertainment for friends and it’s something that I can refer people to if they ask me to friend request them on Facebook.

Even if I were to submit this site to be indexed, Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc wouldn’t even put it anywhere near the top of any search results (even if you searched for my name) because the topics I discuss here fly right in the face of their narratives. They don’t want you to know the things that I’m saying here because they’re just like drug dealers fearing that one of their junkie customers is checking in to chemical dependency treatment.

Go to and follow their instructions for changing your default search engine to them and start taking your life back! If you’re doubting that they’re really any different or better (other than the fact that they don’t track you like the others do) just try identical searches on each one and make a note of the differences in results. Better yet, perform the tests with controversial topics. For example, the Hunter Biden issue. Put on your seatbelt!

As for the question of “Can I do this with my mobile phone too?”…Yes, you can. Just keep in mind that if you’re on an Android phone, then Google still has you by the balls because Android is their operating system. No, you’re no better off with an iPhone either because (just like all west coast liberal big tech companies) Apple is no more honest than the rest of them. Apple collects and shares your personal information just like Google and Microsoft do. Yes, there are alternative operating systems for your PC and Android phone, but that’s a topic for another blog.