Facebook is free and always will be free, because you are their product! The more time you spend logged into their apps or website, the more information they gather on you and share with their cohorts.

Just create a MeWe account already, you can add me at https://mewe.com/i/larryathey

I’m always amazed by people who tell me that “big brother is always going to gather information on you” and they just accept that delusion as if it’s of no consequence to them at all. No, big brother is only going to continue gathering information on you as long as you’re stupid enough to hand it to him on a silver platter every day. This is like saying “Bubba raped me once and took my virginity, I might as well just keep bending over and taking it whenever Bubba gets a boner again”.

My mom has never been on the internet, guess how much information there is on her to be found on Google or the dark web. ZERO! A guy who used to be my boss was on the internet up until he died in 2008. Nothing to be found on him on Google (other than maybe an obituary link) and absolutely nothing to be found on the dark web. All because he isn’t blindly and mindlessly feeding information to big brother daily. See how this works?

When you take into consideration how many websites out there have “Share on Facebook” links somewhere on their pages and how many people leave their web browsers logged into Facebook, it shouldn’t surprise you when you see ads in your newsfeed that are always relative to your interests. By fooling website owners into adding these Javascript applets to their sites, Facebook has created the largest web activity tracking network on the internet. This principal also applies to mobile phones with Facebook’s apps installed on them.

Facebook is easily responsible for dwindling the average IQ score in this country to a double-digit number and that number is decreasing in value daily. People won’t take the time to validate any bullshit post before they share it, but they’ll happily spend 15 minutes taking a quiz to find out what kind of fucking potato they are. Meanwhile, handing over more and more of their personal info to the Facebook app developer who created the quiz that posts the results to their timeline. How do they do that? Because the idiot Facebook user agreed to give them access to their account!

For all of you dolts that participated in that “10 year challenge” where you posted a picture of yourself 10 years ago and then a current one…Exactly what the fuck do you think that you really contributed to? Seriously, in the day and age of fine-tuning facial recognition software, what do you think you actually contributed to? Are you really so fucking dim that you don’t realize that you just played right into the hands of those wanting to know who is mask-obedient and who isn’t? Did you also take part in the Tide-Pod challenge? I wouldn’t be surprised if you did!

Seriously, it pains me to see that people that I took to be relatively intelligent are so fucking gullible these days. It’s too bad that there wasn’t a computer driver’s license law established long ago when it would have curbed all of this internet stupidity today. All I can say now is, try not to be sitting next to these idiots on a bus or airplane when they finally “go off”. If you do have a functioning brain and an IQ over 99, seriously, create a MeWe account and help build the site. It already has millions of users who actually “get it”. If you think that you can’t learn a new site (even though it’s just like classic Facebook before all of the Mark “Zuckface” Fuckerberg bullshit) then your IQ clearly isn’t above 99.